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Goodbye BT, Hello Meducation

As some of my Facebook and Twitter followers might have seen a month ago, I decided to throw in the towel at BT to join a start-up called New Media Education Ltd.  They are working on Meducation, a social network for the medical community, emphasising education.

I've been at BT for 7 years now.  I've never really known what I wanted to do as I've grown up other than make things for peopIe can say that I have left on a high note.  I spent my last 15 months with Osmosoft and discovered the wonderful world of the open web.  The work ethic involved whilst working as an Osmosoftian has been inspiring and thought provoking.  Being allowed to work to your own timescales on the things you think matter, choosing the right tools for the job and having the autonomous freedom to do it the way you think is best is a right every person in my profession should have.

So why did I decide to move on?  Well, for some time I have been worried that I would become institutionalised at BT and know of nothing else.  I've also wanted to work on a project where I am part of its growth from the beginning.  I'd like to be able to have more input and shape of the journey a product makes.  I guess I've just had bad timing at BT, coming into projects that are well established.  I've been lucky to be involved in some innovative work and I hope to continue that where I'm going next.le, via a computer.  I fell into this job and I've kind of fallen into the next one.

I'm not going to go into the negative side of working for a large corporation, I think most people can work that out for themselves.  I do want to say that I'm ever so grateful to the people I have learned from along the way.  The skills and attitudes towards software development (or craftsmanship as some would prefer) I now (hopefully) have will help me achieve what I need to in my new adventure.  This is because of the people I met and worked with at BT.

I also have to admit that I've missed co-location (I live in Coventry, most of the action happens in London).  However, I believe I can work more flexibly than I used to, and this has a lot of benefits.

At Meducation I will be at the coal face and this is both scary and exciting at the same time.  I've had reservations about joining a start-up (less money, more risk etc...) but I believe in the vision of Meducation and their founders have worked very hard and very smartly to get where they are today.  I strongly believe that education is a key part to solving a lot of problems we have as Humans in our world today and I'm glad to be working for a company that will better enable that for at least one industry.

I've never been good at goodbyes (or hellos) so I'll sign off by saying good night and good luck to all you techies!

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